Hi Everyone!

I am Sumasri. I am a software engineer by profession and have had a great career. But, I always felt like there was something missing from my life. So I quit my job and started Suma Silks® in India to fulfill that void in me.

I am a woman who is passionate about sarees. I love their beauty, complexity and elegance.

Sumasri Gangapathruni

Suma Silks® boutique is specialized in selling beautiful Indian sarees that are hand-picked from all over India.

We sell beautiful sarees for all occasions – weddings, festivals or just a regular day at the office! The best part is that we ship worldwide so you can indulge in our inventory anytime of the year.

My husband is my biggest supporter and he does everything with me to make sure that this business runs smoothly. We also have a beautiful son who loves helping out at home as well 🙂

Happy shopping!

Sumasri Gangapathruni
Founder of Suma Silks®

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P.S. I am the brand owners of EERAS®.